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Deft Consulting is a professional services firm specializing in Appian implementations and committed to helping your company reach its peak efficiency, productivity, and profitability through effective Business Process design and automation. As an official Appian partner, Deft Consulting specializes in Appian implementations and rapidly produces iterative, high quality deliverables to fit your business needs.

Cloud Solutions

Access to an effective solution should not be limited to a desktop in your office. Leveraging cloud capabilities allows seamless integration from anywhere, at anytime.

Data Visibility

In order to make effective, informed decisions, business users at all levels need to be provided with the right information at the right time. You can easily facilitate this process with a well managed insight into your data.


In an increasingly mobile world, accessing your data and workflows while on the go can be a key factor in removing bottlenecks and keeping processes flowing, so you don't miss a beat even when you're not at your desk.


Deft Consulting offers a variety of professional services to enhance your business processes. Whether your company is completely new to the Agile software development lifecycle, starting or enhancing an ongoing Appian implementation, or in need of Appian experts to support an existing application, Deft Consulting has a tailored solution for you.

Deft is comprised of experienced professionals delivering to an impeccable standard. Due to their specialization, Deft’s Appian professionals possess a deep knowledge of the platform, working with the latest Appian version to implement rapidly, with extremely high quality, and in accordance with Appian and Agile best practices.

Appian is an industry leading BPM software allowing for ease of execution, task management, and continual optimization. (Please visit for more information.)

Switching to Agile software development principles is not always an easy process. However, Deft Consulting's professionals are trained and experienced in helping teams to implement both their first time Agile project, as well as to refine the process of Agile teams that have found themselves no longer effectiving implementing in an Agile manner.

Agile is a modern methodology for software development, producing rapid, iterative results through effective collaboration and continuous development.

Does your company already have an Appian application (or many) up and running, but lacks the internal infrastructure to support the platform? In that case, Deft Consulting has your solution with the opportunity for ongoing support and maintenance, provided by Appian experts. You've already invested a lot into your platform, so let Deft Consulting ensure that it operates the way that your company expects and deserves.

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