Deft Consulting offers a variety of professional services to enhance your business processes. Whether your company is completely new to Low-Code platform, enhancing an existing Appian implementation, or in need of Low-Code experts to support an existing application, Deft Consulting has a tailored solution for you. Our vision is to enable organizations to be as efficient, productive, and nimble as possible by delivering customized low-code solutions to modernize, automate, and transform their business processes.

Low-Code Implementations

Deft is comprised of experienced professionals delivering to an impeccable standard. Our consultants work with you from initial discovery to understand your needs to the final delivery of a solution that adds value to your end users. With a track record of proven success across various industries, Deft’s Low-Code professionals possess a deep knowledge of the platform and implementation process, delivering extremely high quality solutions in accordance with best practices.

Support & Maintenance

Does your company already have an Low-Code application (or many) up and running, but lacks the internal infrastructure to support the platform? Deft's Support offering allows organizations to reduce long-term maintenance costs through proactive issue prevention and proper resource allocation. You've already invested a lot into your platform, so let us ensure that it operates the way that your company expects and deserves.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology allows organizations to automate previously manual and repetitive tasks, resulting in significant costs savings and improved efficieny and allowing organizations to focus their energies elsewhere. Deft's consultant are certified experts in the industry leading RPA software, include Uiath, Blue Prism, ServiceNow, Microsoft Power Automate, and Appian RPA.

Industries Served


Deft has delivered multiple, large-scale solutions at various government agencies. Our solutions have been built with performance and scalability in mind, adhering to the United States' highly-stringent security requirements resulting in secure, compliant, performant, and scalable applications. Agencies ranging from the Department of Homeland Security to the United States Department of Agriculture have placed their trust in Deft.

Life Sciences

Deft has a proven track record in the Life Sciences industry, delivering compliant solutions in a highly-regulated space. Deft ensures that prominent, multi-national customers adhere to both domestic and international regulations (including GDPR). Our team has experience delivering an array of successful implementations in the Life Science space, including Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory, Compliance, and GxP applications.

Financial Services

Deft has extensive experience in the Financial Services space, including wealth management and investment banking. Customers are delighted with the improved effiency our range of solutions have provided, from from applications that ease the Customer Onboarding process to solutions for reconciling Brokerage Fees exceptions. Multiple private firms with assets under management in excess of $100 billion rely on Deft’s services to support critical processes running on the Appian platform.

Appian Delivery

Why choose Deft?

Recognition for Excellence

Appian Partners are categorized into different tiers, including Advantage, Premier, and Elite Partners. Deft is honored to hold the highest distinction among those as an Elite Partner. Additionally, Deft is among Appian's select few partners in the Trusted Partner network reserved for partners with a proven track record.

Certified Professionals

Deft’s Appian professionals are certified and credentialed across all of Appian's certification levels, giving organizations the peace of mind that our experienced practitioners will deliver unmatched business value in a performant and scalable way.

Cost Reduction in US Time Zones

Deft offers two team models depending on an organization's needs, both operating independently or in conjunction with each other at the same high-quality level. This model includes an Onshore (US Based) team and Nearshore (LATAM Based) team that operates in US time zones.

Scale Your Investment with Delivery Best Practices

Our structured pods implement in accordance with proven delivery and technical best practices to ensure your applications scale with you.

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About Deft Consulting

Deft Consulting is a professional services firm specializing in Appian and Low-Code implementations and committed to helping your company reach its peak efficiency, productivity, and profitability through effective business process design and automation. Founded by a former Appian Corporation employee, Deft Consulting has become a highly regarded official partner of Appian Corporation, providing services to multiple government agencies and some of the largest private wealth management, hedge fund, investment management, and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Low-Code Cloud Solutions

Access to an effective solution should not be limited to a desktop in your office. Leveraging cloud capabilities allows seamless integration from anywhere, at anytime. Appian is an industry leading Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform focused on Case Management and Workflow Automation. Low-code solutions allow companies to customize and develop applications 10-20x faster than traditional coding and allow companies to easily and quickly update their applications when their processes inevitably change. (Please visit for more information.)

Data Visibility

In order to make effective, informed decisions, business users at all levels need to be provided with the right information at the right time. You can easily facilitate this process with a well managed insight into your data.


In an increasingly mobile world, accessing your data and workflows while on the go can be a key factor in removing bottlenecks and keeping processes flowing, so you don't miss a beat even when you're not at your desk.